Finding Dog friendly accommodation in London


London is a very popular and populated city and can be very overwhelming when it comes to looking for suitable accommodation for you and your pup. However there are so many avenues to go down so don’t lose hope! You may get shut down but persevere and something prefect will pop up.

Firstly you could go through a real estate agent; however, this can be a very expensive option. Not to mention a lot of the time when you mention the dreaded words ‘I have a dog’ they seem to lose interest and your details.  Although this is not always the case, as I did come across a number of house’s a little further out in Greater London which did allow pets, however, expect to pay more in rent and fees for these houses.

What about just not telling the real estate agent about your four legged friend? This is what I did when I first got to London and I would not recommend it! Not only are there major repercussions if you get caught like being evicted and never being able to rent again, but I was constantly paranoid about Sacha making noise and getting complaints from the neighbours. In the end we did get away with it, but personally I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk or the grey hairs.

Another option is renting something privately; there are great website’s out there that offer this sort of service. My favourite would have to be Gumtree, My most recent rental was found through the private letting option on Gumtree. In the search criteria under ‘key words’ you can type something like ‘pets allowed’ then under this, there is a box you a can tick which will bring up any rentals with these words in the tile or description. This is a very useful tool for narrowing down your search.

This is a numbers game and you have to be quick. Email or contact as many of the home owners as you can on a daily bases and you should find something in no time.

How about a share house; There is a very popular site called where people who would prefer not to live on their own or enter a lease can find a place to live sharing with like minded people.  This is also the cheapest option, some places have all bills included and others may not even ask for bond! There is also an option in the search bar that you can select that says ‘pets allowed’.  I have come across many ads on this website for people looking for house mates with dogs so that their dog gets a house mate as well!

Finally buying a property; this is by far the best option because you have no one to answer to but yourself (unless you buy a flat and the body corporate states no pets allowed BOO)

After loads of scrimping and saving this is what we have now done, although it took a lot time to find the perfect place it was worth it. The property market is so competitive, you may have to put in a number of offers to many different houses before you get accepted (took us about 6 months). But just like everything else if you persevere it will happen.

I hope this helps you and your furbaby find the perfect London home.


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    1. bechutcheson says:

      Thank you so much Mukul!

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  1. Nice looking street. i’ll buy it!


    1. bechutcheson says:

      lol it would be nice wouldn’t it!


  2. BunKaryudo says:

    I hope you all enjoy living in your new home (including the lovable furbaby).

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