The last 4 months have been the most challenging, happiest and eye opening months of my life. I knew my life would change once my daughter was born, but I was not prepared for just how dramatic the change would be.

Firstly there is the obvious change of having this new little human that you need to keep alive! This is a huge responsibility, and one I do not take lightly. I am constantly exhausted because even if I am lucky enough for her to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time, I am still up every 10 minutes checking that she is still breathing.

Another thing to take a hit is my social life! and this is to no fault of my little girl. Every time I do find the time to be out and about without my baby all I find myself doing is thinking about her. Not to mention the people I am with get sick of me talking about her and seeing the 100 photos I took of her that morning.

Person hygiene has also seemed to of become a thing of the past. These days showering has become a luxury in my household. Which isn’t ideal considering the amount of poop and vomit has increased since Isla arrived in our lives. Lately I have resorted to taking Isla into the shower with me which to be honest is pretty fun, because unlike some people she actually likes my singing voice.

All and all even though I now have to deal with daily poop explosions,   undiagnosed crying attacks and mountains of washing through blurry sleep deprived eyes, the laughs, smiles and cuddles make up for it 10 fold and make all the changes worth it. It is just amazing realising how much your own wellbeing is dramatically dependant on the wellbeing of another person.

I can now say I understand the saying I love you so much it hurts.





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