A year on…

Isla and I


Since having my little girl life has not been the same and it’s safe to say this past year has been the most challenging of my life! But that’s not to say it hasn’t also come with its fair share of rewards. Getting to see my little girl flourish and grow into this cheeky, intelligent, funny, stubborn little diva makes all the sleepless nights worth it. Although the constant bags under my eyes beg to differ.

Motherhood has changed me and these are a few examples of how….

  1. DISNEY has become life! Ever since my little girl could sit up, my world is a never ending play list of Disney movies and Disney songs over and over and OVER again! We have probably watched Frozen a thousand times! And I find myself humming the music on the way to work. The other day I referred to a fork as a dinglehopper! And I find my hand gestures are becoming more and more like I’m Snow White talking to her forest friends. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, lets be honest we could all use a bit of Disney magic in our life’s.
  2. I no longer care what people think. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or the fact that I just don’t have time. But these days I go out in public with out…. dun dun dun…. Makeup! Yes I know, horrible 😉 The other day I even went to the store to get milk in my Pyjamas! It’s not only my physical appearance that I use to worry about (I’m not that shallow lol) I am also no longer bothered about what people say about me in general. I use to be a very shy and insecure person and in some ways still am, but since having my baby girl my confidence has skyrocketed. Instead of looking for reassurance from those around me I have found it within. My little one has helped me to realise that I am a worthy and good person who has the ability to do anything she puts her mind to!
  3. I am more motivated. Not to say I wasn’t motivated before, I mean I moved country with £400 to my name and no job so I have always taken risks. But rather than just rolling along with life with no clear goal in mind, I am now motivated to make a success of myself, not only for myself but primary for my little girl. I want to be a positive role model for her; I want her to know women can do ANYTHING.


Happy parenting xxx

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  1. laughingwithlisa says:

    Love This!!! I can relate so much. I can remember watching Aladdin over and over. We would say “Poof! What do you need?” all the time. Life is good. Wonderful post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bechutcheson says:

      Thank you! That is really sweet 😊 my little one loves Aladdin too! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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