Introducing your dog to your baby

From the day I found out I was pregnant I swear my little dog Sacha knew something was up. She would follow me more then usual and every chance she got be on top of me and refuse to move, which lets be honest I didn’t hate because puppy cuddles are amazing. However whilst enjoying these puppy cuddles all I kept thinking was what if Sacha didn’t accept our new arrival? What if we bring the baby home and she goes mad or gets sad or worst case scenario is aggressive towards her! I had no know idea how she might react!

Because of these relentless thoughts (along with many others) I would sit up at night searching the internet for advice on how to get Sacha prepared for the next stage of our lives. This is when I came across a book called Tell Your Dog you’re Pregnant: An Essential Guide for Dog Owners Who Are Expecting a Baby by Dr Kirkham. This book is a full training program for you and your four legged friend to get you both ready and comfortable for bubbas arrival. It is full of information, helpful tips, and the latest behavioral knowledge. It covers all of the basic stuff such as; how to set up a safe place for your pup, taking an item of the bubbas clothing home so your pup can get familiar with baby’s smell and how to train your pup to only approach the baby when given permission to do so.

However I have to say the highlight of this book for me was the downloadable baby sounds! It was so hilarious walking around trying to console a crying bag of sugar wrapped in a blanket while Sacha followed me looking very confused with her ears up tilting her head from side to side (If nothing else the book is worth it just for this lol).

Apart from the entertainment I received from walking around with a bag of sugar in my arms (also a good workout I might add lol) I found the book very useful. It gave me peace of mind and the knowledge I needed to feel comfortable bringing my new born and Sacha together safely.

I truly believe this is a must read for any family who have a dog and are expecting a baby ; it really helps to put your mind at ease especially at a time when you are worrying about literally everything!

Good luck and I hope your pooch and baby become fast BFF’s! xx

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