Travelling long haul with a baby – Adventurous or just “plane” stupid?

I have done the journey from London to Australia alone 3 times and once with my little girl when she was 9 months old. On your own a 24 hour flight is tough but with a 9 month old it can be that little bit tougher. But don’t let me scare you off the idea; it isn’t all that bad it does have its perks!

Here is a recap of my experience of our long hall flight from London to Australia and the perks that come along with having baby in tow.

  1. Your own priority security line! Yep that’s right we sailed past the other suckers in a fraction of the time! Later losers! (I say as they stare back at me with pity in their eyes because I’m holding a screaming baby and all they are hoping is that they are not the ones who have to sit next to us on the plane)
  2. You can take your stroller through security and right up to the boarding gate! This is fantastic especially if you have booked a flight that departs around baby’s bedtime.
  3. Priority boarding! Yep you get to board before all of the other passengers (Oh no there are those stares again). The priority boarding also gives you a chance to get your sh*t together while there is still room to do so.
  4. Extra leg room. I personally don’t need it but it was good to use as a play area for baby when she is awake
  5. Baby basinets. These are a godsend when travelling long haul! While baby sleeps in the basinet you get the chance to eat, sleep, watch a movie or do what I did… drink wine, lots and lots of wine. Although when the seatbelt sign comes on you need to take baby out of the basinet and onto your lap even if she’s sleeping or you have a full glass of wine.
  6. The airline (Emirates) provides Baby toiletry pack. If I had known this before I wouldn’t have packed so much stuff. The pack contained a blanket, baby wipes, baby lotion, bib and a spoon. (Still pack ALL the stuff! Especially baby wipes! I got puked on twice)
  7. This basically concludes the perks, as once you are on the flight and reach your destination it is everyman for themselves, but the difference is you have a baby to carry as well as the luggage.

I would highly recommend that if you are going to do a long haul flight like this one to do it before baby is walking and with someone else to help you. I had my baby daddy with me and baby was at the age where she wasn’t yet walking, fit in the basinet, she napped twice a day and slept most of the night. So really, all and all we had it pretty easy considering. However always check with the airline before travelling to confirm what they have to offer their infant travellers and more importantly the basinet measurements! Otherwise you are stuck with baby on your lap the entire flight.

In conclusion is travelling on a long haul flight with a baby, adventurous or stupid? I think it’s a mixture of both (1% adventurous / 99% stupid lol) but if you are going somewhere amazing like Australia it makes the already torturous 24 hour flight almost seem worth it.

Wishing you happy and safe travels xx

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